The Court has appointed Epiq Systems Australia Pty Ltd to administer the settlement (Administrator). This includes reviewing claims received, assessing the eligibility of registered group members, calculating the amount to be distributed to each eligible group member, and distributing compensation. This process will take a few months. We will provide status updates on this website, for the benefit of all group members.

If we require any further information or documentation in order to assess your claim, we will reach out to you via email. Registrants should closely monitor their email (including junk and spam folders) for any communications regarding individual claims. It is important that you respond to any email request received promptly, and before any deadline referred to in the email. Failure to do so may result in your claim being assessed as ineligible.

If you have any further queries, please review the below FAQs. You can also reach out to us at the ‘contact us’ link at the top of this page.

Key Dates:

18 February 2022: ATGM Opt Out Deadline (passed)

18 February 2022: Objection Deadline (passed)

18 February 2022: Registration Deadline (passed)

29 June 2022: Settlement approved by Court

In Process: Administrator is reviewing all claims

Second/Third Quarter 2023: Compensation to be distributed to eligible group members

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much compensation am I entitled to?

The court has appointed Epiq Systems Australia to administer the settlement. The Administrator has commenced the process of reviewing all claims and calculating the amount available for distribution.

We cannot presently predict how much you will receive, as this will depend on how many group members are assessed as eligible.

The Administrator will reach out to you directly, via email, if it requires any further information or documentation in order to assess your claim.

Q. When will I receive compensation?

Eligible group members will receive compensation after all claims have been processed. The time of distribution will be subject to the timing and processing of responses for outstanding information from all registered group members. However, we anticipate distribution to occur during the second or third quarter of 2023.

We'll provide an update on this webpage once all claims have been processed, and the total amount to be compensated for each group member is known.

Q. When will the judgment be available?

The court delivered judgment, approving the settlement, on 29 June 2022. A copy of that written decision is accessible via the "Documents" tab.

Q. Who is the Settlement Administrator?

Upon approving the settlement, the Court appointed 'Epiq Systems Australia Pty Ltd' (a global, third-party claims administrator) to administer the settlement ("Administrator").

As Administrator, Epiq is in the process of administering the settlement in accordance with the Court's orders and Court-approved Settlement Distribution Scheme (see order 5 of the orders made 29 June 2022).

Quinn Emanuel Lawyers are not the Administrator and accordingly do not have access to registered claims. If you have any questions regarding a claim that you have registered, please reach out to the Administrator directly at

Court Notice Regarding Settlement:

Important information about the Settlement and your rights as a group member is contained in the Court-Approved Notices. You should review the Court Notices before registering your claim.

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