If you tried to register to participate in the proposed settlement between 10:00 a.m. AEDT, 18 October 2021 and 10:00 a.m. (AEDT), 27 October 2021, you may have incorrectly received a “Not Eligible” notification.

This is because a number of VINs were inadvertently omitted from the website. This issue was rectified on 27 October 2021.

If you received a "Not Eligible" notification during this period, please try to register again. Please make sure that you have entered your VIN correctly. If you have more than one vehicle, please enter each VIN individually.

If you have any difficulties with registering, please email the Settlement Administrator at

The registration process to claim a settlement payment has now opened. The deadline to register your claim is 18 February 2022. Group Members who do not register by that date will not be entitled to receive any settlement payment. If you have multiple affected vehicles, you must submit a separate claim for each vehicle.

Further details about the proposed settlement, how to register your claim, and your right to object to the settlement are contained in the Court approved Notices available here. As explained in the Notices, the Supreme Court of New South Wales must approve the proposed settlement before any settlement payments can be made.

Key Dates:

18 February 2022: ATGM Opt Out Deadline

18 February 2022: Objection Deadline

18 February 2022: Registration Deadline

TBC: Settlement Approval Hearing

Court Notice Regarding Settlement:

Important information about the Settlement and your rights as a group member is contained in the Court-Approved Notices. You should review the Court Notices before registering your claim.

Click Here For Notices

Register Your Claim:

Eligible vehicle owners must register to receive money from the Settlement. Registrations must be submitted by 18 February 2022. If you do not register before the deadline, your claim for compensation will not be processed, and you will not be entitled to any payment.

The Settlement Notice contains important information about the Settlement and the options available to you. Please read the Settlement Notice before registering your claim.

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